Bingo win - present from Edda

þriðjudagur, september 26, 2006
I was lucky enough last week to win a bingo game hosted by Edda on our online stitching group Allt í Kross and as a prize she sent me some gifts. I'm totally blown away by her generosity.

As you can see in this photo she sent me a bookmark from Polstitches to stitch, it has lovely hand dyed fabric and the pattern for it is very cute, using satin stitches. I also got a hardanger pattern from Dinky Dyes that I'm definately going to do soon, and as if that wasn't enough Edda sent 9 gorgeous threads, 5 from The Dye is Cast (all named after precious stones, like rubies and such) and 4 from Dinky Dyes (names like super nova, black hole and so on) and those are silks. All of these are so precious and so much prettier in real life. I love the Snoopy card too :-D

Thank you Edda, you're amazing and these gifts are very special to me :-D

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One word: *drool*
Dear Rosa.

I´m so happy that you loved your Bingo prize. I love giving it away. Those are all parts of previous "Collaboration Pack" which are put together by different suppliers. You can see pictures of the last "Collaboration Pack" here: I just love those packs so now I get two sets (one for myself and one for gifts) :-)

Enjoy it Rosa.
Very cool!! Did you have to yell 'Bingo'? :o)
No I just typed Bingo :-D Because it's a game played over the internet ;-)
Vá hvað þetta er geðveikt.. ég hefði sko ekkert á móti því að fá smá svona í pósti :D
Njóttu vel!!!
Wow, what an awesome prize! Serious drool material!! :D