Moroccan Tile Biscornu

sunnudagur, september 17, 2006
When surfing on the web earlier in the week I found a gorgeous freebie that I thought would be perfect for a biscornu and after finding a scrap piece of linen and the ideal thread I set about starting this freebie.

I chose to do the orange one (but they're all beautiful, I may do the others later ;-D) and here is the finished product:

The floss is Gloriana Silk called Autumn Arbor and it's just so yummy and gorgeous in itself! It does look better in real life than in this photo of mine, although I did try and get the best light in the flat but this is how it is sometimes :-D

And last but not least, here is the side view:


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Beautiful! :)

Those tiles really do make great biscornus - I used same design for my first ever biscornu. :D
So pretty! I keep seeing these on blogs everywhere. I'll have to try one soon! :o)