Unconscious Mutterings

miðvikudagur, október 25, 2006
It's been ages since this week's mutterings came out and I just realized I haven't posted them!
  1. Stuff :: Things
  2. Block :: Buildings
  3. Ingredient :: Recipe
  4. Flagrant :: ?
  5. Dandruff :: Shampoo
  6. Betty :: Boo
  7. Tide :: Washing detergent
  8. Judges :: Magistrate
  9. Take it easy :: The Eagles
  10. Chef :: Menu
One question: What does Flagrant mean?


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Victoria Sampler October Needleroll

föstudagur, október 20, 2006
It's finally assembled and ready to be sent off. I'm extremely pleased with this needleroll and sure hope that my friend will like it :-)

I'm feeling a little better than the last time I posted on my blog. My throat is still itchy and I need to spray my nose every 8 hrs so I can breathe and I'm coughing like crazy, but I am feeling a little better :-D

The kitty pi bed is done. It's been through two cycles in the washing machine and all I need is the right shape to stretch it over. My trash bin is too small.. As soon as I've got the desired shape I'll post a pic.

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Better late than never!

mánudagur, október 16, 2006
Yesterday was Unconscious Mutterings time and I missed it but it's ok to post a day late.. in fact we have all week long :-D
  1. Weeks :: Months
  2. Cough :: itchy throat
  3. Jail :: house rock
  4. Produced :: manufactured
  5. ? :: !
  6. Stapler :: Staples
  7. Next :: please
  8. Perky :: cheerleader
  9. Oxygen :: essential
  10. Musical :: experimentation
In other news I feel a sore throat coming and I'm afraid I'll be getting sick in the next couple of days. I can feel it coming on, f.x. my head hurts. You know, like it does when you're getting sick. It's like your head knows it's beginning and is taking preemtive measures to fight the bug.

The cat bed is coming along well, I've got like 15 rounds to complete and then I throw it in the washing machine for a spin or two. Can't wait to see it finished, I may just go and knit some now ;-)

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Monthly Bits

miðvikudagur, október 11, 2006
I got my monthly bits in the mail today. I'm kinda underwhelmed by the surprise me option. This month the colors are all bluegreens. I do love the WDW threads though and can't wait for the next installment :-) But I'm thinking about changing the surprise me option to silks only.

In other news I've started a kitty pi bed like I've seen spreading like wildfire through out Blogosphere. I just had to :-) My cats would love one I think and if they do I might do one for each of them, three in all! I've got no pic to show of the bed but maybe tomorrow.

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Finally a stitching update!

mánudagur, október 09, 2006
I've been hard at work trying to finish a Victoria Sampler birthday needleroll for a dear friend. She celebrated her birthday last thursday and today I finally put the final stitches into the needleroll. I have the actual finishing left to do but that shouldn't take as long as the stitching.. I'm hoping :-)

Isn't it cute! I apologize for the creases in the fabric on the photo. I'm going to iron it now ;-D

I hope Anna likes it and hope she won't see it till it reaches her when I'm done. She's not aware of this blog or so I believe. I've never heard her mention it so I guess she doesn't read it :-)

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Unconscious Mutterings; Week 192

sunnudagur, október 08, 2006
  1. Opinion :: I'm too sexy by Right said Fred (Video on YouTube)
  2. Tardy :: Late
  3. Peer pressure :: Don't do it
  4. Grownup :: someone other than me
  5. ! :: OMG!
  6. Beer :: Drink
  7. Sit :: Roll over, play dead
  8. Shower :: curtain
  9. Consumate :: Wedding night!
  10. Wasting :: time
This weeks mutterings were fun :-D


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Free as a bird!

fimmtudagur, október 05, 2006
Oh, yeah, I'm now sitting in my living room with the laptop in my lap (where else?) and watching tv while surfing the web! Wireless LAN is awesome! I just wanted to brag a little :-)


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Winter freebie HD!

mánudagur, október 02, 2006
Last thursday when I finished the Margaret Sherry cat I had every intention of starting the ballerina and I did (her legs are done and her ballerina skirt is taking shape) but friday I wanted to start something else and I went on a quest in my stash to find something that called to me. I found a huck towel and after searching on my computer for a suitable design for it I found a freebie from Michaels that took my fancy. And now I'm done (there is the matter of the buttons that I'm not sure I'll put on, and the couching of the star which I'm not doing).

I'm having to use blogger's built in photo thingy coz Photobucket is being a pain and not loading up on my computer... I seem to be somewhat strange in comparison to other stitching bloggers which all seem to like blogger's photo thingy better than photobucket. I much prefer Photobucket coz then I can see the photos in the newsgator. Which is nice :-)

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Unconscious Mutterings, week 191

sunnudagur, október 01, 2006
Unconscious Mutterings
  1. Taxes :: Boring
  2. Hooray :: Yippie!
  3. Justification :: Excuse
  4. Shocking :: Read all about it!
  5. Bureaucracy :: Paperwork
  6. Porn :: industry
  7. Silly :: Foolish
  8. DJ :: Disc Jockey
  9. Swing :: Sway
  10. Anti- :: Christ
I'm very unimaginative this week. I've been slaving away cleaning my apartment today and I think the chemicals have had an effect on my mind..


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