Redwork exchange arrived in Australia

miðvikudagur, september 20, 2006
The postal system worked really hard this time and delivered the redwork exchange in excellent time from Iceland to Australia. I believe I sent it off on Sept. 11th and it arrived today in Tessa's mailbox :-D

I sent the bag out late mostly because I was so insecure in my sewing machine skills. I had decided that I was going to finish it as a bag and wanted to have lining in it but the problem was that I had never done anything like that before and wasn't sure how to do it. Around the same time I lost my summer job (that I was hoping would be extended) and had to find me another job for winter (hopefully for longer than that though ;-) ). That only added stress to the mix and a whole week passed where I was learning the ropes of my new job. In spite of everything I did manage to make the bag myself with no help (which I'm really proud of now but at the time I never thought I'd make it). In hindsight I really shouldn't have stressed myself out like I did seeing as I managed this task fine once I sat down and applied myself to it and concentrated on it. I guess I need to have more faith in my abilites!

It seems that Tessa likes her new bag and that makes me very happy. I'm hoping she enjoys her new bag and finds great uses for it, whatever they might be.

Now the details: I stitched an old Icelandic pattern and used Gloriana Silk called Poinsettia on Cashel linen. The color of the fabric was putty (I got it as a birthday present ;-) ). The pattern is the same one as Linda used on the biscornu she made me :-) We clearly both have good tastes! She's actually the one who gave me the pattern. She has a book with old Icelandic patterns that were found in old churches and in the homes of the wealthy. That's where this pattern comes from.

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I LOVE my bag, thank you Rosa, I have tried to send you a private email but it bounced back to me... My bag wil be making its debut this weekend as I am taking my daughter to her art class and will use my bag to carry my stitching project in as I usually wait for her and stitch.

Have confidence in your sewing skills, they are just fine - and they will improve each time you make something too :) It is like making a new recipe, probably quite ok the first time but each time you make it after that, you will make your own adjustments to make it even better :)

Nice to find you and your blog - I will be back!
The redwork bag is SO beautiful... gorgeous colours, stitching AND finishing... go you!! You are very talented, it's amazing that this is your first time at finishing such a bag.
what a gorgeous bag! You did great!
Simply adore your redwork bag...Tessa is one lucky recipient. :)

Love the beautiful full & rich colour of the fabric that you used.