Biscornu exchange for Linda

föstudagur, september 15, 2006
This is kinda funny, Linda was my secret partner in this exchange on Allt í Kross and I was hers!

Anywhoo, I got word that she received her biscornu today and I'm so happy she liked it. We were asked when we signed up for the exchange if we had any favorite colors and she said she liked all colors except for pastels. Then I thought I should use some strong colors and chose floss from Needle Necessities (I think it may have chosen me coz it came in the Monthly Bits last month and the same day I was wondering what colors I should use for Linda's biscornu). The floss color is Red Hat Lady or something like that and it's a gorgeous red/purple combination. It goes so well with the fabric that I chose, but that's a hand-dyed fabric from Silkweaver called Poltergeist. It's a kind of grey color but it has a slight hint of purple (to me at least) and therefor is gorgeous with the floss. I guess you guys should now get a chance to make up your own minds about that :-D


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I love love love it!
The colors are so me! Thanks so much and for the extra goodies too!
You're so welcome :-) I am thrilled you like the biscornu because that was the name of the game, you know ;-) Enjoy! :-D
they both are so pretty
Beautiful biscornu! Love the colours.
Pretty! ^^

And I, too, love the colours you chose! :)
I love the wee little button that you used too :)