Santa finished!

föstudagur, desember 29, 2006
I put the final french knots in just a few moments ago. Well the last thing I did was put the bow in the doll's hair :-) So cute. I am now positive I will not do the wording on top, I like the design as it is, it's festive enough I think :-)

Ain't he cute? Sorry about the overexposure. As it's dark for most of the day this time of year natural light is hard to come by..

This bookmark I got from my sister on Christmas. I am already using it and I love it. Isn't my sister sweet to me :-) I just wanted to brag about it :-)

I also want to comment on the new look for my blog. I felt it needed a little facelift since I moved over to the new blogger. I also changed the name of the blog, but not the link. Since I do it only in english now I don't see why the title shouldn't be in english too. I've also been spending hours upon hours labeling the posts, but it's not done and will probably never be done.. But at least it's started, just like all my other WIP's ;-D

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A progress pic of my santa project

It's a dimensions kit called We Believe I think. I just love this santa, I've had this kit in my stash for about a year and a half so it was about time it got stitched.

As you can see it's not quite done, I've got a little backstitching to do and there is the matter of the wording on top... I'm not sure I'll be stitching that. I think I may leave the santa as he is.

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More Christmas Ornaments :-)

I was involved in two Christmas ornament exchanges this year, one was on SBEBB and the other was in Allt í Kross group. Rósa Tom was the one stitching an ornament for me in the latter exchange and she wrapped it up so I didn't open it till Christmas Eve. Here is a pic of the ornament she made me. Of course it had a snowman on it ;-)

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it. But Rósa Tom sent me another ornament made of felt. That was so cute too.

Sorry how blurry this one is. It was fine on the screen on the camera but on the computer screen, not so fine..

I feel so lucky and loved. Thank you Rósa Tom. I think I forgot to send you a thank you email, but be sure that I loved it and am proud to display them in my living room :-)

And just because there is an opportunity to show my cats, here is my oldest and wisest cat, Loftur. Isn't he handsome?

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Christmas Ornament Exchange

laugardagur, desember 23, 2006
My camera got her batteries today and now I can share the beautiful ornament Satomi made me in the SBEBB Christmas Ornament Exchange.

Isn't it gorgeous? And here is another photo with all the goodies from the package she sent me. The fabric on the table is also from Satomi. Very pretty and festive :-)

My parter has also recieved her ornament, but I don't have a photo of it to share coz my camera was being diffcult to work with..

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Christmas stitching

föstudagur, desember 22, 2006
I haven't really been stitching much lately, but I am almost finished with a Dimensions kit I started a month and a half ago. There's almost nothing left so of course I haven't touched it in a week or ten days! My camera is not working, it needs batteries and I just bought some but now I can't find them. Christmas stress is getting to me.

I just finished decorating my apartment. There are christmas lights in the windows and the small christmas tree is now in it's place. I don't decorate it, coz it has lights (the lights are those fiber threads that change colors and it's so cute). Everything is ready now for the holidays to begin. I'll be celebrating this season with my two brothers and it's going to be nice. No big fuzz except for those lights in my living room :-D and the snowmen all over the room :-) I've decided to start collecting snowmen decorations and speaking of those. I got the lovliest ornament from Japan! I took part in SBEBB christmas ornament exchange and was lucky enough to receive an ornament from Satomi in Japan. I just love my new ornament and it's now displayed in the living room where everybody can see it. She also sent some goodies and I just loved them all. I am posting the photos as soon as I find those darn batteries!

I also took part in another exchange in my icelandic club, Allt í Kross, and my gifter there was Rósa Tom. She wrapped her ornament so I'm going to open the package on Christmas Eve. I can't wait :-D

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all have a wonderful holiday season whatever your religion is.

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