Margaret Sherry SAL small finish

fimmtudagur, september 28, 2006
I just put in the last backstitches in the kitty picture of the 12 Days of Christmas project. I started the cute kitty something like 6 months ago and now it's finally finished :-D Whoo hoo!!!

Now I'm going to start the ballerina, it represents the 9 ladies dancing and it's a cute pig in a ballerina outfit :-D Well, there's not much to say except now I only have 4 more squares left on this wallhanging to do and then it's finished :-D

This is a very blurry photo of all 8 animals in this gorgeous project :-)


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Bingo win - present from Edda

þriðjudagur, september 26, 2006
I was lucky enough last week to win a bingo game hosted by Edda on our online stitching group Allt í Kross and as a prize she sent me some gifts. I'm totally blown away by her generosity.

As you can see in this photo she sent me a bookmark from Polstitches to stitch, it has lovely hand dyed fabric and the pattern for it is very cute, using satin stitches. I also got a hardanger pattern from Dinky Dyes that I'm definately going to do soon, and as if that wasn't enough Edda sent 9 gorgeous threads, 5 from The Dye is Cast (all named after precious stones, like rubies and such) and 4 from Dinky Dyes (names like super nova, black hole and so on) and those are silks. All of these are so precious and so much prettier in real life. I love the Snoopy card too :-D

Thank you Edda, you're amazing and these gifts are very special to me :-D

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Margaret Sherry SAL

It's been 3 months since I last posted about this SAL project and then it wasn't even to post progress, it was to try and give myself some motivation to continue with it. Well, it didn't work till now. I finished the crib set this morning (monday morning) and I felt so rejuvinated and was still in a stitching frenzy so I picked this poor SAL up and kept going with the 5th day that is the golden ring with the cat in the middle, so cute ;-)

This is where it is now and the cat is coming along very nicely and I can see the end of this square. I plan to continue with it tomorrow.


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Crib set

sunnudagur, september 24, 2006
I don't have a photo to share of it but I'm almost finished with the stitching part of the crib set. Then I'm sending it off to a lady who's going to sew it together for me and then I'll show you guys the product. I can't wait and it seems that this project will be over and done with sooner rather than later (which is a good thing since the baby it's for is coming into the world in October!). Well, this post is mostly to assure myself that I am actually stitching something and even if it's quiet around here I'm doing something useful ;-) you know for future reference :-D


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Unconscious Mutterings, week 190

If you want to take part just go to the website and pick up the words :-)
  1. Bell :: Taco bell
  2. Abuse :: Neglect
  3. Relief :: Aid
  4. List :: Things to do
  5. Concern :: Care
  6. Absolute :: Complete
  7. Cling :: Stuck to something
  8. Dump :: Break up
  9. Terminate :: Fire from job
  10. Wine :: Red, red wine


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Redwork exchange arrived in Australia

miðvikudagur, september 20, 2006
The postal system worked really hard this time and delivered the redwork exchange in excellent time from Iceland to Australia. I believe I sent it off on Sept. 11th and it arrived today in Tessa's mailbox :-D

I sent the bag out late mostly because I was so insecure in my sewing machine skills. I had decided that I was going to finish it as a bag and wanted to have lining in it but the problem was that I had never done anything like that before and wasn't sure how to do it. Around the same time I lost my summer job (that I was hoping would be extended) and had to find me another job for winter (hopefully for longer than that though ;-) ). That only added stress to the mix and a whole week passed where I was learning the ropes of my new job. In spite of everything I did manage to make the bag myself with no help (which I'm really proud of now but at the time I never thought I'd make it). In hindsight I really shouldn't have stressed myself out like I did seeing as I managed this task fine once I sat down and applied myself to it and concentrated on it. I guess I need to have more faith in my abilites!

It seems that Tessa likes her new bag and that makes me very happy. I'm hoping she enjoys her new bag and finds great uses for it, whatever they might be.

Now the details: I stitched an old Icelandic pattern and used Gloriana Silk called Poinsettia on Cashel linen. The color of the fabric was putty (I got it as a birthday present ;-) ). The pattern is the same one as Linda used on the biscornu she made me :-) We clearly both have good tastes! She's actually the one who gave me the pattern. She has a book with old Icelandic patterns that were found in old churches and in the homes of the wealthy. That's where this pattern comes from.

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Moroccan Tile Biscornu

sunnudagur, september 17, 2006
When surfing on the web earlier in the week I found a gorgeous freebie that I thought would be perfect for a biscornu and after finding a scrap piece of linen and the ideal thread I set about starting this freebie.

I chose to do the orange one (but they're all beautiful, I may do the others later ;-D) and here is the finished product:

The floss is Gloriana Silk called Autumn Arbor and it's just so yummy and gorgeous in itself! It does look better in real life than in this photo of mine, although I did try and get the best light in the flat but this is how it is sometimes :-D

And last but not least, here is the side view:


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Unconscious Mutterings; Week 189

  1. Running :: On Empty
  2. Alternative :: Rock
  3. Cope :: Hope
  4. Lots :: Heaps
  5. Sympathetic :: Kind
  6. Barn :: Hay
  7. Totally :: Like, whatever!
  8. Baby :: Cute as a button
  9. Undeniable :: Unmistakeble
  10. Watermelon :: Seeds

I really like these memes. Thanks to Outi for bringing them to my attention :-D


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I got mail!

laugardagur, september 16, 2006
Yesterday I finally got my order from Sew and So and in the envelope was some stitchbows for my floss (now it's all packed neatly away in binders for easy access) and I just had to get some Brittercup love.. I love Brittercup Designs and the cats they make so I had to buy Keep It Clean and Britty Kitties IV I think it was. I so want to do the Snuggle With Me one and the clean and dirty kitties :-D


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Biscornu exchange for Linda

föstudagur, september 15, 2006
This is kinda funny, Linda was my secret partner in this exchange on Allt í Kross and I was hers!

Anywhoo, I got word that she received her biscornu today and I'm so happy she liked it. We were asked when we signed up for the exchange if we had any favorite colors and she said she liked all colors except for pastels. Then I thought I should use some strong colors and chose floss from Needle Necessities (I think it may have chosen me coz it came in the Monthly Bits last month and the same day I was wondering what colors I should use for Linda's biscornu). The floss color is Red Hat Lady or something like that and it's a gorgeous red/purple combination. It goes so well with the fabric that I chose, but that's a hand-dyed fabric from Silkweaver called Poltergeist. It's a kind of grey color but it has a slight hint of purple (to me at least) and therefor is gorgeous with the floss. I guess you guys should now get a chance to make up your own minds about that :-D


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SBEBB Redwork Exchange received

mánudagur, september 11, 2006
I am so over the moon with this exchange :-) My sender was Karoline in the UK and she made me a kind of pocket. I just love it and the way she finished it too.

Isn't it pretty! She also sent some prints of old samplers and they came in a kind of an envelope of their own. That's what the pocket is lying on. Next is a view inside the pocket:

As you can see Karoline included more gifts. Inside the pocket was a Friendship T-bag and a GAST thread, such a pretty red color. And she charted our names and year on here too. I love this idea :-D Well she didn't leave the back out, there was a little motif there too..

Isn't it pretty? I love it all!

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Unconscious Mutterings once more

sunnudagur, september 10, 2006
I just have to do this again :-) I like this, and I'm sure it tells you volumes about me LOL :-D
  1. True love :: True Blue
  2. Age :: of Aquarius
  3. Stern :: Strict
  4. Elastic :: Spandex
  5. Rustic :: Cozy cabin in the mountains
  6. Enhance :: Plastic surgery
  7. Jackson :: Wardrobe malfunction
  8. Inherit :: Will
  9. Devious :: Cunning
  10. Scapegoat :: A patsy
So what does this tell you about me? ;-D


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My new beautiful Biscornu

fimmtudagur, september 07, 2006
I participated in a Biscornu pillow exchange in the same club as the Round Robin and today I received a biscornu in the mail that Linda (listmum) stitched for me. Not only did she send a gorgeous biscornu, she also included a beautiful fabric and a WDW thread, a beautiful blue color. I'm in awe coz she recently sent me a very generous birthday gift and that was overwhelming and now she has also sent me gifts with the biscornu pillow.. I'm speechless and so thankful :-) I love the way she stitched the pillow and put it together. Simply a gorgeous Biscornu.


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Oh boy, do I have something to show you!

Lately my mailbox has been stuffed with all kinds of goodness! I participated in a Round Robin with my Icelandic online stitching club, Allt í Kross, and I just received it today! :-) I'm so happy to see it and the ladies that stitched on it did it so well! I think I will frame it but am still undecided.

On Monday I received my Monthly Bits and this time the Anything Goes option was green threads. It's likely I've said it here before but green is my fav color so it was a pleasant surprise to see the beautiful shades of green that came this month.

And this is not all! Oh, no, there is more and it deserves it's own entry I think.. I have a lot to be thankful for today :-D

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Unconscious Mutterings

sunnudagur, september 03, 2006
Saw this awesome meme on Outi's blog and wanted in :-)

  1. Wiggle :: squirm
  2. Face :: eyes
  3. Adjustable :: settings
  4. Room :: temperature
  5. Easy :: hard
  6. Store :: buy
  7. Maid :: service
  8. 9 pm :: evening
  9. Challenge :: obstacle
  10. Debt :: consolidation

How cool is this?

Tomorrow is the send off date for the Redwork exchange and I must admit I haven't finished mine :-/ I am going to do that tonight after dinner and hopefully it won't be too long. I hope I'll be forgiven if I won't send it till tuesday.. I just started a new job and the weekend has mostly gone to learning the ropes at the new job and taking care of my brother's cats. As well as my own ;-)


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