SBEBB Redwork Exchange received

mánudagur, september 11, 2006
I am so over the moon with this exchange :-) My sender was Karoline in the UK and she made me a kind of pocket. I just love it and the way she finished it too.

Isn't it pretty! She also sent some prints of old samplers and they came in a kind of an envelope of their own. That's what the pocket is lying on. Next is a view inside the pocket:

As you can see Karoline included more gifts. Inside the pocket was a Friendship T-bag and a GAST thread, such a pretty red color. And she charted our names and year on here too. I love this idea :-D Well she didn't leave the back out, there was a little motif there too..

Isn't it pretty? I love it all!

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That's really beautiful, I love it -- lucky girl. :)
What a pretty exchange, and lovely gifts! :)
How very pretty! What a great exchange partner you had!
thats a real gem!