Winter freebie HD!

mánudagur, október 02, 2006
Last thursday when I finished the Margaret Sherry cat I had every intention of starting the ballerina and I did (her legs are done and her ballerina skirt is taking shape) but friday I wanted to start something else and I went on a quest in my stash to find something that called to me. I found a huck towel and after searching on my computer for a suitable design for it I found a freebie from Michaels that took my fancy. And now I'm done (there is the matter of the buttons that I'm not sure I'll put on, and the couching of the star which I'm not doing).

I'm having to use blogger's built in photo thingy coz Photobucket is being a pain and not loading up on my computer... I seem to be somewhat strange in comparison to other stitching bloggers which all seem to like blogger's photo thingy better than photobucket. I much prefer Photobucket coz then I can see the photos in the newsgator. Which is nice :-)

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Æðislega krúttleg mynd...
Aha, I always wondered why some piccies showed up in Newsgator and some didn't ... now I know why! :D Your latest little finish is really cute :)
Þetta er ekkert smá krúttleg mynd
voða sæt mynd og skemmtilegir litirnir í henni...
alltaf gaman að skoða bloggið þitt ;)
Vonast til að sjá þig í bústaðnum.
That is so pretty. :)