Better late than never!

mánudagur, október 16, 2006
Yesterday was Unconscious Mutterings time and I missed it but it's ok to post a day late.. in fact we have all week long :-D
  1. Weeks :: Months
  2. Cough :: itchy throat
  3. Jail :: house rock
  4. Produced :: manufactured
  5. ? :: !
  6. Stapler :: Staples
  7. Next :: please
  8. Perky :: cheerleader
  9. Oxygen :: essential
  10. Musical :: experimentation
In other news I feel a sore throat coming and I'm afraid I'll be getting sick in the next couple of days. I can feel it coming on, f.x. my head hurts. You know, like it does when you're getting sick. It's like your head knows it's beginning and is taking preemtive measures to fight the bug.

The cat bed is coming along well, I've got like 15 rounds to complete and then I throw it in the washing machine for a spin or two. Can't wait to see it finished, I may just go and knit some now ;-)

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Go away bad, bad bug! Shoo!

Waiting to see your version of Kitty Pi. I think Ronja would love to have one too, and as a good slave I may have to knit one just for her. *rolls her eyes*