Finally a stitching update!

mánudagur, október 09, 2006
I've been hard at work trying to finish a Victoria Sampler birthday needleroll for a dear friend. She celebrated her birthday last thursday and today I finally put the final stitches into the needleroll. I have the actual finishing left to do but that shouldn't take as long as the stitching.. I'm hoping :-)

Isn't it cute! I apologize for the creases in the fabric on the photo. I'm going to iron it now ;-D

I hope Anna likes it and hope she won't see it till it reaches her when I'm done. She's not aware of this blog or so I believe. I've never heard her mention it so I guess she doesn't read it :-)

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  At mánudagur, 09 október, 2006 Anonymous Nafnlaus said:
It is so pretty! What a great gift:)
VÁ!!! Hún er geðveik!
Hlakka til að sjá mynd þegar þú ert búin með fráganginn.
Beautiful!! I think Anna will adore it!
Váá hún er æði!hlakka til að byrja á minni ;O)
It's such a pretty design and stitched so beautifully, Rosa! I'm sure Anna will appreciate it. :D