My new beautiful Biscornu

fimmtudagur, september 07, 2006
I participated in a Biscornu pillow exchange in the same club as the Round Robin and today I received a biscornu in the mail that Linda (listmum) stitched for me. Not only did she send a gorgeous biscornu, she also included a beautiful fabric and a WDW thread, a beautiful blue color. I'm in awe coz she recently sent me a very generous birthday gift and that was overwhelming and now she has also sent me gifts with the biscornu pillow.. I'm speechless and so thankful :-) I love the way she stitched the pillow and put it together. Simply a gorgeous Biscornu.


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Linda did a superb job stitching and finishing tat biscornu! Enjoy! :D
Glad that you like it :o) I had a hard time sending it away actually. Oh, and Sumarrós helped me picking the design, floss, fabric and beads for this one. I think she did a great job!
Your Biscornu is so beautiful! And you got some lovely stash lately too, lucky girl. ;-)