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sunnudagur, september 03, 2006
Saw this awesome meme on Outi's blog and wanted in :-)

  1. Wiggle :: squirm
  2. Face :: eyes
  3. Adjustable :: settings
  4. Room :: temperature
  5. Easy :: hard
  6. Store :: buy
  7. Maid :: service
  8. 9 pm :: evening
  9. Challenge :: obstacle
  10. Debt :: consolidation

How cool is this?

Tomorrow is the send off date for the Redwork exchange and I must admit I haven't finished mine :-/ I am going to do that tonight after dinner and hopefully it won't be too long. I hope I'll be forgiven if I won't send it till tuesday.. I just started a new job and the weekend has mostly gone to learning the ropes at the new job and taking care of my brother's cats. As well as my own ;-)


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    That's terrible disease... memeholism that is. *grin*