LHN - Chocolate Shoppe

mánudagur, janúar 15, 2007
Isn't it awesome? I just love this design, I've found myself to like LHN's designs more and more. They're fast becoming my fav designer, along with Mirabilia and Brittercup Designs.

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I love it. I went and looked at their other designs and they have some very nice - like the Coffee Menu.

Thanks for pointing it out :)
I also love their collaboration series with Crescent Colours. In that they include the Crescent skeins needed for the design, 5 colours. Pretty neat :-)
  At föstudagur, 19 janúar, 2007 Anonymous Nafnlaus said:
This is a pretty design. I like LHN and have stitched a few.
Hi from Japan!
I also really love LHN designs!!
And country Cottage Needleworks, too!
These designers are mom and daughter, therefore the designs are very simillar and both are very cute!
I'm sure you'll like CCN too!
I love this chocolate design, I didn't know it's LHN thanks for pointing it out.