More Christmas Ornaments :-)

föstudagur, desember 29, 2006
I was involved in two Christmas ornament exchanges this year, one was on SBEBB and the other was in Allt í Kross group. Rósa Tom was the one stitching an ornament for me in the latter exchange and she wrapped it up so I didn't open it till Christmas Eve. Here is a pic of the ornament she made me. Of course it had a snowman on it ;-)

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it. But Rósa Tom sent me another ornament made of felt. That was so cute too.

Sorry how blurry this one is. It was fine on the screen on the camera but on the computer screen, not so fine..

I feel so lucky and loved. Thank you Rósa Tom. I think I forgot to send you a thank you email, but be sure that I loved it and am proud to display them in my living room :-)

And just because there is an opportunity to show my cats, here is my oldest and wisest cat, Loftur. Isn't he handsome?

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