Winter Queen WIP again

föstudagur, janúar 05, 2007
This is after a little more stitching has been done. I don't believe how fast she's growing at the moment. I am so loving her and it's such fun to work on her. I hope I can keep up the momentum :-)

Until I lose my interest in this project I'm going to stitch on it exclusively. I do have the SAL to think about but right now the Winter Queen is the only thing that I will work on.


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The Winter Queen is looking great Rósa. I´m sure you´ll have her finished before the end of this year. The Lizzie Kate SAL is a great idea and I´m joining as well, just have to make up my mind about what pattern to stitch first.

All the best,
She's looking just gorgeous, Rosa!!
Vá.. hún alveg skotgengur hjá þér núna! Gaman að sjá hana birtast smátt og smátt.
Það er líka ekkert smá gaman að sjá þig í bloggheimum aftur... ég saknaði þín.
Ég er að hugsa um að sauma líka 12 blessings, en ætla að sjá hvernig kemur út að íslenska textana áður en ég dembi mér í það...
Rosalega vex hún hjá þér!
Glæsilegt, haltu áfram!
She's georgeous. It's nice to see such a good picture of her as well :) congrats so far.
She is beautiful!!