Unconscious Mutterings

miðvikudagur, október 25, 2006
It's been ages since this week's mutterings came out and I just realized I haven't posted them!
  1. Stuff :: Things
  2. Block :: Buildings
  3. Ingredient :: Recipe
  4. Flagrant :: ?
  5. Dandruff :: Shampoo
  6. Betty :: Boo
  7. Tide :: Washing detergent
  8. Judges :: Magistrate
  9. Take it easy :: The Eagles
  10. Chef :: Menu
One question: What does Flagrant mean?


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Merriam-Websters proudly presents:

Main Entry: fla·grant
Pronunciation: 'flA-gr&nt also 'fla-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin flagrant-, flagrans, present participle of flagrare to burn -- more at BLACK
1 archaic : fiery hot : BURNING
2 : conspicuously offensive [flagrant errors]; especially : so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper as to appear to be a flouting of law or morality [flagrant violations of human rights]

Thanks Outi, I knew I could count on you :-)
I was so sorry to hear this news. I hope you're OK. {hug}
I was so sorry to hear this news. I hope you're OK. {hug}