Margaret Sherry SAL - Svanurinn

sunnudagur, mars 05, 2006
Viti menn ég stóðst eitt takmarkið frá í seinasta mánuði núna :-) Kláraði blessaðan svaninn sem var í biðstöðu svo lengi hjá mér. Nú er ég barasta búin með 50% af herlegheitunum! Það er nú nokkuð :-D
Ég er bara virkilega ánægð með stykkið :-)

Margaret Sherry - The Swan

What do you know, I finished one of my goals for last month today :-) It's the swan from the 12 days of Christmas as visioned by Margaret Sherry. It's been on hold so long and it's finally done! I'm now halfway done and so proud of myself :-)


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oh its too cute Rosa!
  At mánudagur, 06 mars, 2006 Anonymous Juul :o) said:
Hi Rósa,
Congratulations on being on the halfway point!
Sorry, I have not posted any comments lately.
I read over 100+ blogs and am not able to comment all of them any more... :o( , I wish I could though...
I love your MS and I have bought that same fabric as you have, to stitch Margaret Sherry's 12 days of Christmas on.
Thanks for the inspiration and sharing all your beautyful work.
What a cuite little swan, well done on your finish.
Adorable! :P
LOL I love her bathing cap! These charts make me smile everytime I see them. Great job on finishing in time Rosa.
Rosa, I just adore these little guys - you're doing a fantastic job of them ... I love seeing each and every one! :D