Needleroll Exchange from Russia!

laugardagur, mars 04, 2006
Ok, I'm blogging from Photobucket coz Blogger isn't really co-operating right now. I've been waiting for ages to be able to post this picture and Blogger just times out on me. Very frustrating! But I've seen that Linda has been able to post using Photobucket so here's my first try at that :-)

I wasn't really expecting a needleroll to arrive so soon in this exchange but my partner mailed it out as soon as the names had been mailed out so I'm fortunate enough to be the first to receive her gift :-D Isn't it pretty?

My gifter's EMS name is Owl and she's from Russia (like I said in the title :-D) and the pattern is a traditional russian pattern and it's so pretty and well done. I love everything about this needleroll and to think this is a first effort at making a needleroll! Owl said she'd never made one before... I would've thought she'd done this before.. She was really kind and also sent me a small cross stitch kit with a kitty in a tree :-) It's a DMC Russia kit and very nice. And to think that I haven't even started my needleroll for this exchange!

Well, I have chosen a design and the fabric for it. I did have to order some stuff so that's on it's way (hopefully I'll get it soon after the weekend) and then I can start stitching.

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This is very exciting.A really different style and different patterns.Swaps can give you new impressions.As many of us buy kits from nearly the same designers sometimes it's not but the quality and perhaps colours of the stitches that differs.
Would it be possible to do a needleroll with patterns common in our country?Yes I think so.
It's lovely! And in fact I've been thinking how would that kind of needleroll design look like when done, now I don't have to try it myself to know. So, thumbs up for her. :P

I've even stitched some of my needleroll but I've post-Olympics exhaustion attack so...
How pretty! It looks like an interesting style!
That is a very unique needleroll - congratulations on being the lucky one to get it!
What a beautiful needleroll, very different.
What an awesome design and finishing - just wonderful. It's so nice to see something 'different' and what a great job! :) Lucky you!! I've been having problems for ages with Blogger for loading up pictures - sometimes I find it helps to save what I've done so far as a draft, then go back into edit post mode and it'll allow a picture to be uploaded then ... temperamental thing!
Very cool that you now have a needleroll from Russia! I'm sure you will get yours finished soon.