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fimmtudagur, janúar 25, 2007
It's been too long since I blogged last. I'm finding this new Blogger to be a pain, I have to add the photos before I write the text not after like I'm used to. I don't think Blogger should be taking that decision for me. And it took me a few tries to figure out that this was the problem. If I add the photos after I write the text it doesn't publish and I just get an error message and get thrown out of and can't access it for an hour or so. Well, maybe not that long but it feels that long when you got something you want to post and everything disappears. Yeah, that's the worst thing, everything you've done goes out the window and nothing sticks, it's not even saved! And you can't save coz you added the photos after the writing part.

There are other issues I'm having but this is the one that bugs me the most and makes me not wanna post. Well, that and I don't have anything to blog about. I haven't picked up a needle in who knows how long, I've been feeling blue and restless. I hope it's going to pass coz I have that Winter Wonderland Exchange to finish and finish :-)

Well, thanks for tuning in, I hope I'll have something more interesting next time :-)

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I have to admit I got fed up with all the mini-issues with Blogger, and made the move to WordPress, and I like it much more ... the only downside is the photo uploading to me, but I now use Photobucket all the time and it's great (it just means you can't click for a bigger piccie). But WP does mini-saves all the time, and you can save a draft and continue working, without having to go back into your dashboard and edit post etc ... there are a couple of downsides to it, but very few and far between so far - I'm pretty glad I made the move overall, but time will tell, I guess. Good luck getting Blogger under control, and hope you get your stitching mojo back soon :)
I also moved to wordpress & like it better it has it flaws like Annes said but at least I'm out of errors & I can get in when I want. & the Autisave is a plus.
Eins og hinar þá flutti ég líka yfir á wordpress og já, það eru alveg hlutir sem ég er ekki alveg nógu sátt með, eeeen.. ég verð alltaf sáttari og sáttari. Mér finnst það alla vega mun skemmtilegra forrit en blogger og kostirnir eru fleiri heldur en gallarnir.
Ég hef ekki prófað Wordpress, en eins og ég skil það þá hefurðu meiri stjórn á blogger.

Þú getur alveg sett myndir inn hvort sem heldur fyrir eða eftir að þú setur textann. Ég er nýfarin að nota myndafítusinn í blogger (áður setti ég bara inn tengil á myndina sjálfa) og maður þarf að copy peista til að fá myndina á réttan stað. Það er bögg, en ekkert stórmál. Minna mál en að skrifa textann. Ef þú vilt hafa hlutina 100% eins og þú vilt er einfaldast að nota html skipanir.
Ég meinti textann fyrir html skipanirnar ekki textann sem maður er að blogga.

Mental note: lesa yfir það sem maður skrifar

Dougie Howser
hæhæ... á ekkert að fara að blogga neitt meira.. ég er farin að sakna þess ;)
Sakna þín Rósa mín. Vonandi er allt í góðu. Endilega vertu í sambandi. Reyndi að senda þér e-mail um daginn en það kom alltaf til baka til mín :(
I hope you found your stitching spirit again !!! It is the first time on your blog and i do use blogspot too. Le I can put the pictures on the left and write my post on the right... But that's fine, i use it to show my progress !!! Visit my blog if you have time ;)
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